I’m Tracey and I offer Puppy and Dog Training Services in Abergavenny, Hereford and the surrounding areas.

I am a full member of the APDT ( 01223) Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Approved Trainer for Kids Around Dogs and I am also a full member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Tracey Prall of Canine Connections

I have owned dogs for 25 years and have learnt a lot along the way about dog behaviour and training.I have always been fascinated about canine behaviour and communication and how dogs learn and have studied numerous courses to gain a better perspective and understanding of the needs of our canine companions. By learning what drives your dog to do things, what motivates them and understanding how a dog learns and communicates with body language is key to training. In a nutshell the more we educate ourselves on a dogs’ needs and consistently practice rewards based training the better our relationship will be! (It is also useful to have an understanding of how people learn and what motivates them too!).

I live on the Monmouthshire/Herefordshire border with my wife Tina and our three dogs, Kilo, Tiny Timmy and Kip. Kilo and Tiny Timmy enjoy, scentwork and trick training.


  • Accredited Trainer with Kids Around Dogs, specialising in helping families with children to train their dogs and live in harmony together.
  • Full Member of the APDT (01223)
  • CAP1 Clicker Training (Distinction) with Learning About Dogs (Kay Laurence)
  • Diploma in Pet Bereavement Counselling (Distinction)
  • Member of The Association of Force Free Professionals ( Pet Professional Guild)
  • Certificate in Canine First Aid

I have attended numerous practical handling courses and in order to become a member of the APDT ( Association of Professional Dog Trainers) I had to undergo a stringent practical test as well as an oral and written examination. The pass mark is high so I was thrilled to accepted as a member! I am committed to my continued professional development by regularly attending seminars and lectures and am always open to learning more on positive training and coaching techniques.

Seminars and Courses Attended

  • Brenda Aloff ‘Fear and Aggression/handling skills’
    held at High Wycombe April 2013
  • Grisha Stewart ‘BAT Behaviour Adjustment Training’
    held at Stoneigh Park (Kennel Club) May 2013 Covering fear, aggression and also the over boisterous dog
  • ¬†Kirsty Peake ‘Working with Reactive Dogs’
    held at Kennel Club day 13th September in Exeter.
  • Trevor Cooper ‘Understanding Dog Law’
    held at Kennel Club day 13th September in Exeter.
  • Canine First Aid Course– September 2013
  • Patricia McConnell Ph.D ‘New discoveries in Neuroscience in Companion Animals’
    at Bristol November 2013
  • BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training for Reactive and Fearful Dogs) Instructors Course. Banbury February 2014
  • Pam Mckinnon ‘Introduction to Scent Work 1’
    Bath February 2014
  • Became FULL MEMBER of the APDT
    after a practical, oral and written examination. July 2014
  • Suzanne Clothier ‘Relationship Centred Training’‘Reading the dog and the adolescent dog’. March 2015
  • Esther Corrick ‘Introduction to TTouch’
    held at Nutley Dog Training and Therapies- September 2015
  • Scentwork Wales. Level One and Level Two Scentwork
    with Theresa Toomey June-November 2016
  • Scentwork Wales Level three and four
    with Theresa Toomey www.dogbehaviouristwales.co.uk Jan-June 2017
  • Sarah Whitehead ‘Re-thinking Puppy Socialisation Classes’
    Webinar with Clever Dog Company June 2017
  • Lyn Caldicott ‘Introduction to Mantrailing’ www.propupstraining.co.uk/mantrailinguk
  • Scentwork Level 5 with Theresa Toomey
  • A weekend with Kathy Sdao- ( Premack, Classical and Operant conditioning revisited.)
    September 2017
  • Introduction to Hoopers– with Canine Hoopers UK June 2018 – Accredited Trainer for beginner level.
  • Leslie McDevitt seminar- ‘Control Unleashed’
    hosted by Positive Animal Solutions- May 2018
  • Jane Arden workshop – ‘Stop,Come,Click’
    hosted by the Haven Dog Centre in Devon January 2019
  • WOOF Animal Behaviour Conference
    in Nottingham-4 days February 2019
  • Clicker Expo online
    three day online dog behaviour conference-January 2021
  • Approved Kids Around Dogs Trainer
  • Pet First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)
    December 2022